Virtual Fitness Training Certification

How to Create an Online Personal Training Business | taught by Jeff McMahon

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If you are a Health Professional looking to grow your business, eliminate being confined to the city or town that you live in, and want to engage with more customers; then Virtual Training is for you!

We all become coaches for a reason - we LOVE helping people. Well now we can do that with people ALL OVER THE WORLD instead of just right where you live! Virtual training allows you to find more customers, get more money because you are tapping into markets that are bigger than yours, and fill up your books so you have a steady stream of income.

And the best part is you can now go on vacation and still make money with virtual training because you never have to leave your clients and they never have to leave you!

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Jeff McMahon
Jeff McMahon
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Hello, I've been a trainer for over a decade now and have a degree in Pre-Med/Pre-Pharm and Dual Certified in ACE & NASM. I'm also a Lifestyle Wellness Coach, an Orthopedic Rehab Specialist, and a blackbelt in tae kwon do.

Over the years I've worked with over 700 different individuals to maximize their bodies to their fullest potential. I'm here to show you how to transform your current in person business to the online world - where you can increase your income to well over 6 Figures a year!

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